Business Visa Invitation

Business Visa Invitation

Business visa is the most popular type of visa suitable for multiple-entry and long-term trips (the complete term of stay in Russia on a business visa should not exceed 90 days within each 180 days). As a rule, business visa is issued in 3–30 days and for $ 100–400.

The cost and the processing time of a business visa depends on several factors:

  1. Visa's validity period and number of permitted entries: single- and double-entry visas valid for up to 3 months, and multiple-entry visas valid for up to 1 year or up to 3 years in some cases.
  2. Who issues Visa Invitation and how it is submitted to the Consulate:
    • Invitation from the Migration police – is issued by the local department of the Russian Migration police (former FMS) upon the request of Russian accredited companies.
      Is submitted to the Consulate in original on a stamped form (so-called Yellow page), or in copy for single- and double-entry visas. Since 2015, it is possible to send the Invitation by email directly to the appropriate Consulate (so-called Telex).
    • Official Invitation-Letter – is issued directly by the Russian organization and is available only for citizens of the USA, Norway, Switzerland, Japan and EU (except for citizens of the UK and Ireland).
      Is submitted to the Consulate in original or copy (depending on citizenship, number of permitted entries, etc.)
    If the Consulate requires the original Visa Invitation, additional expenses and time wasted on its delivery should be taken into account.
  3. Urgent processing of Visa Invitation and visa itself.
    As a rule, the visa processing time is regulated at the Consulate. It depends on your citizenship, purpose of visit and prices and quality of your visa assistant's services.
    See detailed description of Russian business visa
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